Ediz Hafizoglu


In 1980, Birol Yayla and Aziz Şenol Filiz met at the conservatoire. In 1983, they joined the Turkish music chorus. In 1990, they formed Yansımalar: the name is the plural of the Turkish word yansıma (reflection), giving yansımalar (reflections), which as in English means both the reflection of the mirror and the reflection of the mind. Their music, mostly composed by Birol Yayla, is essentially instrumental, though a few pieces feature the sound of voice or breathing. About their music, Mario Levi  wrote in his introduction to Pervane, "Some songs speak to you without words. Because those songs have a language. A language with its source in your personal history, or in collective memory. Some songs seem to caress you, and some, in the middle of the night, jar you to your depths. It's a bit as if these songs, with the passing of time, write their stories into you. From the first time I listened to the songs of 'Yansımalar', I have always had this feeling, and for me, this story continues in 'Pervane'. [...]".

A. Şenol Filiz-Ney, Birol Yayla-Guitar- Tanbur, Murat Usanmaz-Guitar, Pınar Duruk-Cello, Erdal Akyol-Kontrabas, Ediz Hafızoğlu-Drums&Percussion